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High Performance Textile & Fabric Manufacturer - U-long

textile & fabric manufacturer - U-long. hyperbreeze, 3D structure fabric, anti-odor fabric and durable fabrics are U-long's specialties in the textile industry. U-long provides fabrics for outdoor activities, leisurewear and workwear that is suitable for all weather conditions and tough working environments. Textiles for baby strollers or inflatable equipment are extremely environmentally-friendly. Military and protection equipment textile products made from nylon 66 fabrics, a type of nylon yarn that simulates the rugged, fuzzy texture of natural cotton yarn have high tensile strength.


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A Better Future of Textile Industry

U-long adheres to respect for life, care for the environment, uses solar power for manufacturing, and has passed bluesign®, oeko-tex, and GRS certifications. U-long is your best partner in a society that advocates environmental sustainability.
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Environmental protection is our company's current philosophy and future goals. These principles are implemented in our customer service and product quality.
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Innovation and Development

Innovative research and development are the core of a company's continuous growth and quality assurance to customers.
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International Perspective

Create global layouts, providing trend-setting special and exquisite products.

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Function Fashion Innovation
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